Post-Doctoral of Business Administration

Universidad de Monterrey

We are a higher-education institution of catholic inspiration, open to students and faculty of all creeds and backgrounds. The Universidad de Monterrey is notable for offering a unique Whole-Person Education Plan to each student; in accordance with their personal characteristics and professional interests so that they can fulfill their maximum potential in an environment of high academic rigor and an international vision.

At present, we have 14 thousand students and we offer 46 undergraduate degree programs, 15 master degree programs, 13 graduate specialties, and 35 medical specialties.

UDEM Business School is integrated by 10 undergraduated and two posgraduate academic programs. Besides the national accreditation of its academic programs, UDEM Business School was recently accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which make us to be part of the 4.5% of the accredited business school arround the world. All of its academic programs offers international experiences like business certifications, dobule grade and doble degree programs.

The successful candidate for this position: Must be proficient in applied research, Ph.D. holder. Our current work includes research in the area of business and administration and a teaching load (Two courses per year). The candidate is expected to participate in research projects, and to collaborate in writing, editing and submitting at least three journal papers with a SCOPUS or JCR index. We are looking for creative, self-motivated individuals with intellectual ability and aptitude to pursue challenging complex problems in a fast paced research environment, with potential for excellent teaching and research.

A year Postdoctoral stay to support research projects and to impart a class each semester

The candidate is expected to: Departmental support in research and projects, document semiannual achievements to the Department, impart a specialty class under guidelines of excellence and academic excellence.

Qualifications needed for this position:

  • Ph.D. in Administration.
  • English spoken and habilities as communication, colaboration and research development.
  • Experience in Administration, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Family businesses or International Business.
  • Investigator with oral and written fluency of business english, and, with evidence of previous researches.